Montag, 12. November 2007


Here is something from the old days. Ol´Donald me and Simon Oakey made this thingie for MIKE ALLRED´s new run of MADMAN ATOMIC COMICS published at IMAGE COMICS.
Slightly I can remember, that it was my take on pencils and colors and Simon doing the inks and type-stuff. yep, that were the old days, where we had our time machine and dimensional portal, getting ideas from talented 1990s creators and publish them in dimension X, where time was 20-30 years in the past there...

It´s been republished on the backcover of MMAC #7 (dec.) or #8(jan.), so grab your 2.99$ and get one issue! two, three, ALL!!!

your Donnie.

Dienstag, 31. Juli 2007

PNG #73 and more fan-art....

Following pages were for the next issue of the "infamous" musicmagazine PERSONA NON GRATA #73, which has an comic-special to the issue, because a label jumped up from their special. So information between their bullpens is really sticky and information about that special arrived one week before deadline! I nearly led me 4 days time to start with working and finished it in a two-days-non-stop-run of pencils/inkinking/coloring/greyscaling/lettering. After sending those funny pages over to the art-director I was still in the mood to do more and fell in a long, long sleep....
Last pic is another one for the dudes over at

Samstag, 30. Juni 2007


#1 - Another "What if"-cover starring Erik Larsen's SHE DRAGON, MALCOLM, ANGEL and Donald Hello's MAKKARONI PILLPAL, RAGAZZA PIPISTRELLO and HANS, the bubblegum-ghost. (friday 29.06.07)

#2 - "GONZO-ANNUAL#1" sooner or not to be coming. here to be noticed Bela Sobottke's GONZO-characters KILLERFROG KUNO, THE ZOMBIESLAYER, CLOE and mine DOCTOR MOONKNIGHT(a.k.a DOCTOR FIST) and CHINAMAN(a.k.a. MAKARONI PILLPAL). (march 2007)

#3-4 - some pieces i made for the MAKARONI P. & RAGAZZA P. story, to check mood and visualisation.
(june 2006)

#5 - MAK, PIPI and SKIP, the monkey, riding an old BMW-ISETTA along to a party. (frebruary 2006)


If it's get boring and I really got freetime, like it was last december, there i challenge with me and my skills to make some superrealistic pictures. maybe when they ran over the vent-table i make some new ones...

Montag, 9. April 2007

Ragazza Pipistrello & Makaroni Pillpal

"Was passiert, wenn ich dich wiedersehe?"
(what happens, when i see you again?)  is the worktitle for my longest project ever. 
Now after 4 years searching, watching, sketching and living through, i gonna start now making it to some pages.  I had already 4 pages for the swiss-comic-competion "fumetto", but now looking on them, i see, why i didn`t scored in the top five. Now, back to work...

Dienstag, 2. Januar 2007



Wow, that was hard work, but without going mad, i made it in two hours, managing all that rockstuff with a silent breath and a cup of coffee, already on the run to last years newyearsparty! Also this time using my PENTEL BRUSHPEN, Photoshop and its cool DRY BRUSHES LIBRARY! Damn useful stuff.
 This one, takin´the same tools, i made back in june 2006.


Using a PENTEL-brush-pen, Adobe Photoshop for colouring and Adobe Illustrator for the letters
Hey surfacewellers! I appreciate a happy new year for all of you and stuff like that... and here i got more stuff for you- now its even finished. First is little sketch i made on A4 with a group around the young X-MEN called BEAK, now imagined in his first issue! The drawing was made in june, i rememeber, and on that damn compu-colouring i´ve gone mad, so i choosed the cool pre-nineties-colouring, which i think looks way better now.

till next time, dear HELLOS.