Samstag, 30. Juni 2007


#1 - Another "What if"-cover starring Erik Larsen's SHE DRAGON, MALCOLM, ANGEL and Donald Hello's MAKKARONI PILLPAL, RAGAZZA PIPISTRELLO and HANS, the bubblegum-ghost. (friday 29.06.07)

#2 - "GONZO-ANNUAL#1" sooner or not to be coming. here to be noticed Bela Sobottke's GONZO-characters KILLERFROG KUNO, THE ZOMBIESLAYER, CLOE and mine DOCTOR MOONKNIGHT(a.k.a DOCTOR FIST) and CHINAMAN(a.k.a. MAKARONI PILLPAL). (march 2007)

#3-4 - some pieces i made for the MAKARONI P. & RAGAZZA P. story, to check mood and visualisation.
(june 2006)

#5 - MAK, PIPI and SKIP, the monkey, riding an old BMW-ISETTA along to a party. (frebruary 2006)

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Custom Coaster hat gesagt…

I really have to give it to you that's some fine art, oh and you might not get the name I go by That_Dolt on the Savage Boards, so that's how I found your greatness!

Anonym hat gesagt…

I like the colours you are using. Thanks for the link and your comment in my blog.
Diego Maya
Nos estamos leyendo!!!

Mikey hat gesagt…

All your stuff just rocks, It is bursting with energy and life!