Montag, 3. Januar 2011

New Year - New post

Happy new year! Been a while since getting back here but i may post a little more over the days on here. Blog is the new black, y'know?

And whilst we're at it - don't forget to order your copy of Mekano Turbo today!

MEKANO TURBO #355 - 2491 A.D. order here
90 pages of stories in the Mekano Turbo universe featuring the art of Ralph Niese, Alexis Ziritt, Matt Deans, Tristan Wilder, Sean Hartter with guest appearances of Matt Cossin, Liam Byrne & Alejandro Bruzzese and the rare to get Frans Boukas! Work it, brozzas, only a few something are left! And we need some more moola to get more of this crap out! Why? ---Because!

If you ever wondered to where i disappeared all time - - - here's the answer:

Also here some previewyness of things to come in 2011...

Special thanks to Julie, Alexis, Alejandro, Matt, Marc & Jesse for making 2010 a quite enjoyable year! 2011 can just be getting better!