Montag, 3. Januar 2011

New Year - New post

Happy new year! Been a while since getting back here but i may post a little more over the days on here. Blog is the new black, y'know?

And whilst we're at it - don't forget to order your copy of Mekano Turbo today!

MEKANO TURBO #355 - 2491 A.D. order here
90 pages of stories in the Mekano Turbo universe featuring the art of Ralph Niese, Alexis Ziritt, Matt Deans, Tristan Wilder, Sean Hartter with guest appearances of Matt Cossin, Liam Byrne & Alejandro Bruzzese and the rare to get Frans Boukas! Work it, brozzas, only a few something are left! And we need some more moola to get more of this crap out! Why? ---Because!

If you ever wondered to where i disappeared all time - - - here's the answer:

Also here some previewyness of things to come in 2011...

Special thanks to Julie, Alexis, Alejandro, Matt, Marc & Jesse for making 2010 a quite enjoyable year! 2011 can just be getting better!

Montag, 19. Juli 2010

Here it comes...

CLICK ME (blogger is too stupid to post a 3 foot long picture ;D)

Here's a small excerpt from a project i'm working on to illustrate some (all i could gather) native american myths/stories/history and i try to weave it into an entertaining magazine format which is maybe happen to let you gather more interest in native american history too rather than just entertaining you.

This is the story of Wisakedjak and it's told by the Cree in the northeast and it's only one version of how he had created the world. I got more in the works and will show more...

Donnerstag, 16. Juli 2009


...are not a good pair - we don´t visit us this often... uhm, yeah. after this last post there was some more maddling madness with the two guys known as Donald & Simon and they got their own little copy shop comic feature! woot!

here some previews!

Mittwoch, 18. März 2009

Donald & Simon Month!!! yeah!

The story arround Donald & Simon continues and some pretty great artists all over the world have done some great drawing and we at Hello Studios feel super honored!

1) Donald & Simon get featured in the overdue tribute book to germany´s profiliciest comic artist in the 50ies/60ies & 70ies - Hansrudi Wäscher! which will be released at the Munich comic festival in june 2009

2) is a drawing by dear friend Chris Zammit! hop over to his blog / DA and worship that fellow!

3) is a commisioned drawing by Afu Chan - visit him, too (a MUST!) - maybe you can snag a piece of him as well.

4) action figures, action figures. photos taken with interdimensional camera in Ralbuku Hadchi´s sculpture workshop, back in dimension X-a-990-42 - also called Mummybreaker World. strange, but that´s how it´s written...

more news are on the go - don´t forget you to buy a Noble Causes #39 or a Popgun vol. 3 (out 03-25-2009!!).

Freitag, 26. September 2008

1st Prize goes to...

WHAT KINDS OF AWESOME? ALL KINDS OF AWESOME!!! Me won the grand prize at PROJECT ROOFTOPS VAMPIRELLA REVAMP CONTEST! YO! But submitting to the contest is a win-win-sit in full, cause you might get to known of a lot of good artists within the comicuniverse - check for example the link to Maris on my link list! TOPS! Or even Joe!!! Well, i get back to my schedule... friday night, yup, i am like this U_U ...

Donnerstag, 25. September 2008

Donald is back in ACTION!!!!

THE WAIIITT!!! is a bit over and we discovered an old drafted masterpiece by Donald Hello´s artistic fingertips and Olaf Brill´s advanced mind of the fantastic writings! Absolutely digable! This eyecandied baby walks to your face in february´s outcoming POPGUN Vol.3 by ImageComics! Stay tuned through here

Also a german version will get to you in a future issue of the infamous PERRY! Seems like next year is the year of HELLO! celebrating its 5th year(!) after the big reunion, we have some nicey nicey surpirses for you all!!! might be the new hip a gogo website, where we´ll meet again, huh? Now take a rest and we´ll speak laters, ok? --D---

Dienstag, 22. April 2008


From left to right: Dead Bear, Kitty Pantera and Shino, the zombie boy.
Some characters our trainee Bruno Orbit worked out in his time off the Donald&Simon manga, which will head in late 2009 your lusting readerheads.
Me and Simon briefed to get this figs as toys to your shelfs, so stay tuned!
your donnie