Mittwoch, 18. März 2009

Donald & Simon Month!!! yeah!

The story arround Donald & Simon continues and some pretty great artists all over the world have done some great drawing and we at Hello Studios feel super honored!

1) Donald & Simon get featured in the overdue tribute book to germany´s profiliciest comic artist in the 50ies/60ies & 70ies - Hansrudi Wäscher! which will be released at the Munich comic festival in june 2009

2) is a drawing by dear friend Chris Zammit! hop over to his blog / DA and worship that fellow!

3) is a commisioned drawing by Afu Chan - visit him, too (a MUST!) - maybe you can snag a piece of him as well.

4) action figures, action figures. photos taken with interdimensional camera in Ralbuku Hadchi´s sculpture workshop, back in dimension X-a-990-42 - also called Mummybreaker World. strange, but that´s how it´s written...

more news are on the go - don´t forget you to buy a Noble Causes #39 or a Popgun vol. 3 (out 03-25-2009!!).