Donnerstag, 25. September 2008

Donald is back in ACTION!!!!

THE WAIIITT!!! is a bit over and we discovered an old drafted masterpiece by Donald Hello´s artistic fingertips and Olaf Brill´s advanced mind of the fantastic writings! Absolutely digable! This eyecandied baby walks to your face in february´s outcoming POPGUN Vol.3 by ImageComics! Stay tuned through here

Also a german version will get to you in a future issue of the infamous PERRY! Seems like next year is the year of HELLO! celebrating its 5th year(!) after the big reunion, we have some nicey nicey surpirses for you all!!! might be the new hip a gogo website, where we´ll meet again, huh? Now take a rest and we´ll speak laters, ok? --D---

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Andre Szymanowicz hat gesagt…

Ralph! Gruss Gott!! I had no idea you had a blog! Awesome! I'm totally going to link you in mine!

Chris Zammit hat gesagt…