Mittwoch, 18. März 2009

Donald & Simon Month!!! yeah!

The story arround Donald & Simon continues and some pretty great artists all over the world have done some great drawing and we at Hello Studios feel super honored!

1) Donald & Simon get featured in the overdue tribute book to germany´s profiliciest comic artist in the 50ies/60ies & 70ies - Hansrudi Wäscher! which will be released at the Munich comic festival in june 2009

2) is a drawing by dear friend Chris Zammit! hop over to his blog / DA and worship that fellow!

3) is a commisioned drawing by Afu Chan - visit him, too (a MUST!) - maybe you can snag a piece of him as well.

4) action figures, action figures. photos taken with interdimensional camera in Ralbuku Hadchi´s sculpture workshop, back in dimension X-a-990-42 - also called Mummybreaker World. strange, but that´s how it´s written...

more news are on the go - don´t forget you to buy a Noble Causes #39 or a Popgun vol. 3 (out 03-25-2009!!).

3 Kommentare:

Matt Schuler hat gesagt…

Some day I really would like to do some Donald & Simon fan art! Just wish it was available in the states.

Also thanks for following the Legendary blog. I hope I can keep you entertained, and pester you enough for the following volume!


DonaldHelloStudio hat gesagt…

hey matt! the book is able to ship and in crazy english so you can even read it! hoozah! i have all the info on my DA account
total respect for what you have collected throughout the months! good job! :)


Unknown hat gesagt…

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