Sonntag, 13. Januar 2008


HEY! Whoozathh? It's ROI DANTON, son of PERRY RHODAN, the first man on the moon and the super highest leader in command of the SOLAR EMPIRE! What else? Me and Simon don't care about third grade loosers, we take care of the best! ROI is a top A character from the PERRY RHODAN scifi-novel-series, is the pure oposit of his father. He is King over the FreeTraders, who live with their own rules and organisation beyond the SOLAR EMPIRE. they give a shit about - and that's all about stealing ressources behind the ass of Perry. Here is our take on a 8page backupstory, written by the gourgeous WIM WENDEMANN, who is the walking lexica for the PERYY RHODAN series, with artwork by me and letters and colors by Simon.
Hope you dig the process pics... your Donnie!

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